DALC C1 - Diploma avanzato di lingua italiana commerciale "Firenze" Ail

Suggested preparation time: 500-550 hours including 80 hours of business Italian
Duration of exam: 235 minutes
Exam is offered twice a year
Ability level according to the Portfolio Europeo delle Lingue assessment scale (CEFR): C1
Ability level according to the Schneider/North assessment scale: N9

1. Written Comprehension (20 minutes)
Reading of two texts taken from the economic section of a magazine followed by eight multiple-choice questions

2. Written Expression (90 minutes)
2.1 Summary on an economically related article of 400 words followed by a written summary of no more than 100 words
2.2 Letter/Fax: Comprehension of a business letter followed by a written response
2.3 Written composition: the examinee will comment on a short passage which deals with a current economic argument

3. Business Vocabulary (45 minutes)
Forty-eight fill-in-the-blanks and multiple-choice questions

4. Listening Comprehension of an economic argument (60 minutes)
4.1 Conversation followed by two multiple-choice questions
4.2 Interview followed by six multiple-choice questions
4.3 Radio dialog followed by five true/false questions
4.4 Summarization of a short passage (taped conversation/interview of examinee)

5.a Oral exam in pairs (duration: 20 minutes)
5.a1 presentation and discussion of a given topic
5.a2 descriptions of pictures
5.a3 discussion based on an article

By passing this exam, the candidate has shown the ability to communicate in any situation requiring a strong knowledge of business Italian; correspondence, public relations, specialized literature, secretarial work, business meetings, etc.

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