DALI C1 - Diploma avanzato 1 di lingua italiana "Firenze" Ail

Suggested preparation time: 450-500 hours
Duration of exam: 260 minutes
Exam is offered twice a year
Ability level according to the Portfolio Europeo delle Lingue assessment scale (CEFR): C1
Ability level according to the Schneider/North assessment scale: N9

1. Written Comprehension (45 minutes)
Two passages taken from modern literature or from the newspaper followed by sixteen multiple-choice questions

2. Written Expression (90 minutes)
2.1 Dialog completion
2.2 Writing a letter responding to a given situation
2.3 Written composition on a general topic

3. Vocabulary and Grammar (45 minutes)
Seventy-two fill-in-the-blank questions

4. Listening Comprehension (60 minutes)
4.1 Conversation followed by two multiple-choice questions
4.2 Interview followed by six multiple-choice questions
4.3 Radio dialog followed by five true/false questions
4.4 Taped conversation/ Interview by examinee

5.a Oral exam in pairs (duration: 20 minutes)
5.a1 presentation and discussion of a given topic
5.a2 descriptions of pictures
5.a3 discussion based on an article

By passing this examination, the candidate has proven that his knowledge of the Italian language enables him to express himself correctly, both orally and in writing, with the complexity expected of everyday language skills. Additionally, he can understand and compose written texts.

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