DELI A1 - Diploma elementare 1 di lingua italiana "Firenze" Ail

Suggested preparation time: 50-60 hours
Duration of exam: 90 minutes
Exam is offered four times a year
Ability level according to the Portfolio Europeo delle Lingue assessment scale (CEFR): A1
Ability level according to the Schneider/North assessment scale: N2

1. Written Comprehension (20 minutes)
5 short passages followed by 16 true/false questions

2. Written Expression (15 minutes)
Fill-in-the-blanks using 20-30 words

3. Morphosyntactic Skills
 (15 minutes)
Fill-in-the-blanks using given words

4. Listening Comprehension (20 minutes)
4.1 Find the pictures that are linked to the five dialogues in the listening task
4.2 Multiple-choice questions

5.b Oral exam in pairs (duration: 15 minutes)
5.b1 presentation and discussion of a given topic
5.b2 descriptions of pictures
5.b3 Role play with common scenarios

By passing this examination in Italian language, the candidate demonstrates understanding of simple and familiar expressions and to be able to interact in simple contexts with the help of the interlocutor.

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