DILI B2 - Diploma intermedio 2 di lingua italiana "Firenze" Ail

Time required for the preparation: about 320-400 hours
Exam duration: time 220 minutes
Exam sessions: 4 times per year
Level according to the Languages' European Portfolio (CEFR): B2
Second level Schneider/North: N8


1. Writing comprehension (time: 40 min.)
1. One literary text or press' extract; 6 questions with multiple choice answers
2. One 'matching'  test;  ten titles to be matched with six short texts

2. Writing skills ( time: 70 min.)
1. A composition on a general culture subject (180-220 words)
2. An exercise to choice between: a response to a text or development of an article (50-100 words)

3. Vocabulary and grammar (time: 40 min.)
60 tasks, exercises to complete or transform

4. Listening comprehension (time: 40 min.)
1. An interview with 6 multiple choice questions
2. A RAI or TV rubric with 4 questions to check (True/False)
3. A matching or individuation exercise with 5 questions to which the candidate has to give written answers

5. Double oral exam (time: 30-40 min.)

1. Presentation of the candidate
2. Argumentation on a common item
3. Resolution of a common exercise

With this Italian language exam the candidate demonstrates a capacity to interact in Italian, both orally and by writing, on common subjects familiar to him/her.

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