Italian Language Test Online

Please note:
  • The text consists of 77 multiple choice questions and each one has only one valid answer.
  • The test was designed to assess the competence of potential candidates to the certifications AIL: DELI-A2, DILI-B1, DILC-B1, B2-DILI, DALI-C1/C2, DALC-C1
  • Questions from 1 to 15 are on level DELI-A2
  • Questions from 16 to 38 on level DILC and DILI-B1 (32 to 38 DILC vocabulary)
  • Questions from 39 to 55 on level DILI-B2
  • Questions from 56 to 76 on level and DALI-C1/C2 DALC-C1 (69 to 77 DALC vocabulary)
  • The questions were structured on the basis of the official syllabus AIL
  • Of course this written test is not able to test your oral skills
  • The test should be carried out in maximum 30 minutes

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