DELI A2 module for integration in Italy

Suggested preparation time: 80 -120 hours
Duration of exam: 1 hours 40 minutes
Exam is offered twice a year
Ability level according to the Portfolio Europeo delle Lingue assessment scale (CEFR): A2
Ability level according to the Schneider/North assessment scale: N4


- Written Comprehension (30 minutes)

4 short texts (120-150 words) followed by 15 true/false questions


- Written Production (30 minutes)

Informal letter or text composition (60-80 words)


- Listening Comprehension (20 minutes)

5 short conversations with multiple-choice questions

3 ads, each with a true/false questions

A short dialog with 2 true/false questions


- Oral exam in pairs (20 minutes)

Short presentation

Image with a short common text to discuss



By passing this examination of the Italian language, the candidate has shown that he is able to understand the main structures of the Italian language. He is able to read simple texts and he can communicate in elementary everyday situations.

Italian language diploma

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