DILC B1 - Diploma intermedio di lingua commerciale "Firenze" Ail

Suggested preparation time: approx. 280-340 hours, including a minimum 40 hours of specific preparation of commercial language
Length of exam: 3 hours
Exam dates: twice a year
Level according to the Eurpoean portfolio of Languages (CEFR): B1
Level according to Schneider/North: N6

1. Written Comprehension (duration: 30 minutes)
Two texts with 10 multiple choice questions

2. Written Production (duration: 40 minutes)
2.1 Reply to a short commercial letter or email (no more than 80 words)
2.2 Reply to 2 questions (30/40 words for reply)

3. Morphosyntactic and Lexical Skills (duration: 40 minutes)
Thirty eight tasks to complete or change

4. Listening Comprehension (duration: 40 minutes)
4.1 Text type: interview - 6 multiple choice questions
4.2 Text type: business radio column- 4 true/false questions
4.3 Text type: conversation - 8 places to identify

5. Oral exam in pairs (30 minutes)
5.1 Introduction or get in touch
5.2 Text introduction and discussion
5.3 Common theme development

This Italian language exam shows that the candidate is able to take an active part in everyday conversations, to understand articles of a general business content and to write about topics of a general business content.

The AIL DILC - B1 Examination has been recognized by the UFFT (Swiss Federal Office for professional education and technology) as the final Italian exam, it being the second national language for all the professional commercial schools of the Swiss Confederation.

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